Below are some of our thought leadership publications.

CIQ Credit Management System, Enhancing Trade Faciliation at the Customs border

On 16 July 2013 AQSIQ published Announcement [2013] No.93 "Issuing the Measures for the Administration of Credit of Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Enterprises" which was effective 1 January 2014 and transforms the pilot program into a new risk-based ranking system for ensuring compliance with non-tariff measures at the Customs border.

Find out how you can incorporate this development into your trade compliance strategy and enhance supply-chain performance at the Customs border.

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Enhancing your China retail growth through efficient import operations

An annual benchmarking survey on benchmarking import operations and cross-border regulatory compliance for the retail sector in China.

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Innovation in China Customs and International Trade

Over 500 attendees at our 2015 Q1 workshops across China participated in this benchmarking survey.

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Interim Duty Rates for China

Use the Interim Import Duty Rate System to reduce your customs duty costs and improve competitiveness.

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Managing China customs and international trade

Benchmarking best practices in 2014 (available in English and Chinese versions)

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Managing customs and international trade in Asia - Benchmarking best practices in 2014

This inaugural survey on managing customs and international trade across the Asia Pacific region, is conducted by PwC Worldtrade Management Services. Data for this survey was collected from almost 200 respondents across the region from a wide range of industries between May and September of 2014.

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Trade Intelligence

Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific seeks to capture the essence of selected issues that are of particular interest to clients of PwC.

Our regional network of customs and international trade consultants routinely gather, analyse and disseminate information and knowledge to our clients. Based on studies as well as meetings and discussions that take place across the region with various trade and customs officials, we consolidate our findings into Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific.

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