Recent developments

Release dateTerritoryTitle
Mar 2017 Malaysia PDK 2012 to expire at the end of March Are customs duties orders for different FTAs ready for this?
Mar 2017 Malaysia Operation Blue Ocean Strategy (CBOS) 3.0
Mar 2017 Malaysia Launch of Digital Free Trade Zone
Mar 2017 Singapore Revision of TradeFIRST assessment checklist
Mar 2017 Thailand New Customs Act approved by the National Legislative Assembly
Mar 2017 Thailand Customs Voluntary Audit Programme (VAP) 2017
Mar 2017 Thailand Customs Alliances Programme
Mar 2017 Thailand New Excise Tax Act B.E. 2560
Mar 2017 Asia Pacific Asia Pacific countries’ implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement
Jan 2017 Korea Korea’s National Assembly Approves 2017 Proposed Amendments to the Customs Law
Dec 2016 Jaoan Revision of Japan Customs Penalty Rules
Dec 2016 New Zealand Customs and Excise Bill review
Nov 2016 Vietnam Vietnam Updates: Automobile importers under customs audit
Sep 2016 China Implementation of the New Customs Audit Regulations
Sep 2016 Malaysia Launch of GST audits - a Pandora’s box of customs risks?
Aug 2016 Thailand Change of periods for storing goods in a Free Zone
Jul 2016 Thailand Appeal against Customs’ provisional case settlement
Apr 2016 China New measures for imports under e-commerce business
Apr 2016 China New customs valuation declaration requirements
Mar 2016 India CBEC revamps the Customs Special Valuation Branch mechanism
Jan 2016 Thailand Customs Voluntary Audit Programme (VAP) 2016
Jan 2016 Vietnam New export tariff and preferential import tariff effective 1 January 2016
Dec 2015 China Improving market access under the China-Korea and China-Australia Free Trade Agreements
Dec 2015 Indonesia API-P license holders can breathe a sigh of relief
Dec 2015 Malaysia Follow-Up Report: Up to 30% import duty exemption on 90 items used in the manufacturing sector, Effective 22 October 2015
Nov 2015 China Transfer pricing vs. Customs valuation - A practical approach and perspective in China
Nov 2015 Vietnam New decree on special sales tax
Oct 2015 Singapore Trans Pacific Partnership concluded after 5 years of negotiations
Sep 2015 Malaysia Malaysia: Up to 30% import duty exemption on 90 items used in the manufacturing sector
Mar 2015 China PwC Intermediate Agency Qualification on Customs Enterprise Audit and Bonded Investigation
Mar 2015 New Zealand New Zealand - Customs and Excise Act Review Discussion Paper
Jan 2015 Vietnam Decree guiding new customs law
Jan 2015 Singapore The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement—big deal or little deal?
Dec 2014 China Customs Enterprise Credit Management
Sep 2014 Singapore Sole Distribution Rights fees and the implications of an imminent WCO opinion September 2014
Jul 2014 China SAP-GTS: Enabling China trade compliance transformation through technology and innovation
Jul 2014 China China Customs new campaign of Enterprise Self-Audit: Are you ready?
Jun 2014 China Are you saving cost and time in your import/export operations per the newly released trade facilitation measures?
May 2014 China Free Trade Agreement between China and Switzerland to enter into force on 1 July 2014
Mar 2014 Vietnam New customs clearance system in Vietnam
Mar 2014 China China Alert: Update to customs and trade administrative approvals and processes
Mar 2014 China A new chapter for Beijing-Tianjin customs clearance integration
Mar 2014 Taiwan Taiwan - Singapore Mutual Recognition Arrangement operational effective 1 April 2014
Mar 2014 Asia-Pacific Some ASEAN preferential Certificates of Origin no longer need FOB value
Mar 2014 Singapore Customs & International Trade, How well does your business understand the risks and opportunities in Asia?
Feb 2014 Vietnam Vietnam updates import and export regulations
Feb 2014 Indonesia Indonesia passes first trade bill
Feb 2014 Malaysia Laws governing movements of goods between East and West Malaysia now based on HS 2012
Jan 2014 Malaysia Malaysia National Automotive Policy 2014, highlights
Jan 2014 Thailand Thai exporters lose preference for certain products under the European Union Generalised Scheme of Preferences
Jan 2014 Hong Kong 2014 update to tariff codes applicable under the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement "CEPA"
Jan 2014 China Updated customs valuation rules for China, 2014
Jan 2014 China Is this the end for First Sale for Export in the European Union?