Japan: Our Services

The WMS Japan team offers access to the largest team of dedicated professionals in the areas of customs and trade advisory in Japan. Although operational support is usually offered by licensed customs brokers, we differentiate ourselves through a focus on tactical and strategic customs and trade advice, in Japan and for Japanese companies overseas.  We help foreign multinationals to navigate the very specific rules and regulations for imports into Japan. We also help them and local companies deal with export control requirements, as well as management of the import and re-export activities of their overseas affiliates.

Our professional services focus on both savings and strategic opportunities as well as risk management. Among other things, we provide assistance in the following areas:

Customs planning advice

  • Structuring supply chains to take advantage of non-resident importer opportunities, while safeguarding duty and consumption tax costs.
  • Securing customs duty exemptions through various duty concession mechanisms
  • Reducing customs duty costs by unbundling non-dutiable components from dutiable value
  • Efficient and optimised import/export processing
  • Warehouse and Foreign Trade Zone Strategies
  • Duty refunds and recovery
  • Optimise use of Free Trade Agreements

Risk management and compliance advice

  • Compliance “health checks” in order to mitigate the risks that can accrue as a result of non-compliance
  • Assistance and strategic advice in managing audits
  • Design and implementation of processes and procedures for efficient trade management
  • Advance rulings on customs valuation and tariff classifications to lower duty rates
  • In-house customs and trade training and awareness workshops
  • Supply Chain Security Validation
  • Export Controls and Special Licensing Requirements

Specifically for Japanese companies operating or expanding overseas

  • Market access studies and analysis
  • Design and implementation of processes and procedures to manage and control overseas customs and trade compliance
  • Strategic advice and practical assistance in managing overseas customs authorities.