Managing customs and international trade in Asia - Benchmarking best practices in 2014

This inaugural survey on managing customs and international trade across the Asia Pacific region, collected data from 200 respondents across the region from a wide range of industries between May and September of 2014.

The survey puts the spotlight on areas that respondents listed as their strategic priorities for 2014 and 2015, as well as technical topics of interest and the subject of trade compliance management. We also asked respondents to share details of their own internal operations – how they manage their customs and trade functions – to provide some insights on common, perhaps even best, practices.

We trust that this report will be a valuable resource to stakeholders in all areas of your business, by providing you with benchmarks that can help you measure performance, develop strategies, and attain best practice in your cross-border operations. Companies that understand the customs and trade environment in which they operate will be better positioned to respond to the ever changing global business environment we operate in.

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