Trade Intelligence

Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific seeks to capture the essence of selected issues that are of particular interest to our clients. 

Based on studies as well as meetings and discussions that take place across the region with various trade and customs officials, we consolidate our findings into Trade Intelligence Asia Pacific.

The February / March 2018 issue of Trade Intelligence includes the following highlights: 

  • Bad and easy to lose - The art of trade war
  • Asia Pacific Customs and Trade Conference in Singapore, 22 May 2018
  • New Customs administrative measures on enterprise credibility in China
  • Extension of IGST and Compensation Cess exemptions in India
  • Official procedures on post-border examination in Indonesia
  • Japan Tariff Schedule amendments
  • Increased enforcement in Free Zone in Malaysia
  • Tightened customs measures in Philippines, including audits
  • Advance rulings in Thailand

Trade Intelligence is available free of charge by subscribing online.

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